Christian Betzmann

Traveler | Photographer | Vlogger | Youtuber

Christian Betzmann Known as Chris Betzmann was born on 18-June-1991 on Kaarst Germany and studied in Marketing Management. He start his career as a Traveler and Vlogger. He have been traveling The World for Past 7 Years and been to over 30 Countries so far. Christian Betzmann left Germany 7 years ago to volunteer around the world. From Cambodia, to India to Thailand,Pakistan his mission is to help make people's lives better by volunteering and leaving footprints by making an impact. He built schools, taught Monks to learn English and a whole lot more act of kindness.


I am a Professional Vlogger. You Can Watch My Vlogges On Youtube.


Professional Photographer with more then 6 Years Experience Check out my Instagram.


Making Content For Youtube. I Have More Then 80,000 Subscribers on Youtube.

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